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Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard

Posted by donnaburnsrealtor_hpm32d on March 20, 2020
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It is no secret that creating the perfect backyard requires planning and a lot of careful thought. You will want to come up with a design that is accommodating, aesthetically pleasing and is both budget and maintenance friendly. Here are some great tips for creating something that is the right fit for you. 
Review and prioritize needs
Landscaping can be expensive to build and to maintain over the years. You will want to create a comfortable budget, then identify how you will want it to function. For example, identify if you want to have seating areas, playing areas, etc. 
Vary plant sizes
Try planting smaller hedges along your fences or neighboring trees. This will create a more private setting while bringing your eye over to the neighboring rooftop. 
Create rooms
For those larger backyards you may want to create different rooms or zones to break up the space. These can include a formal seating area, fire pit area, vegetable garden or a grassy play area. These areas can be outlined with materials such as stones, hedges or trees. Designing different zones can also be budget friendly where you create some now and others later down the road.
Thoughtfully select plants
Be sure that you choose plantings that are conducive to your yard. Have a regard for things like similar foliage, colors and flowers for a cohesive look. You will also want to account for how much sun and shade the area gets.
Color and material usage
For an aesthetically pleasing design it is best to keep colors and materials to a minimum. A rule of thumb is no more than 2 types of hardscaping materials (like pavers or stones), one style of wood finish and a palette of plants that complements the type of yard that you are trying to create. 
Save money with younger plants
A great way to save on the amount you pay is to purchase less mature plants. Some grow faster than others so you can buy smaller ones for a lot less. Additionally, if you are filling a large area you may want to consider ground covers to bridge the gap between your plantings. 

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