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7 Tips for Home Organization

Posted by donnaburnsrealtor_hpm32d on June 12, 2020
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With a little more time around the house these days here are some helpful tips to get your home organized in a flash. If you don’t have the interest to give your home an overhaul, just doing a few of these things will definitely help you get more organized.

Open shelves

Open shelves are a cool design trend these days and they do have their advantages. Items that are often used are easily accessed with open shelves but you will need to keep them organized so they look nice. Use some baskets or bins to keep things contained and looking nice.


Don’t make the mistake of getting bins and baskets for storage that are too small for your belongings. This is a mistake that many make and things tend to overflow and become cluttered quickly again which defeats the purpose. Make sure to have enough bins, but most importantly large ones that can keep things truly orderly.


Bins and containers are also useful to have inside your fridge. They will make things look nicer while they make foods easier to find. Get some quality containers that you can both stack and see through to make life easier.

Maximize closet space

You may be shocked by how much more space you can get out of a closet when it is well-organized. Especially for your narrower closets, add a small shelving unit on the floor for boxes, a hanging rod for coats and a high shelf for your bins. Also, don’t forget to make use of the back of the door with a hanging organizer as well!

Tools and junk items

Everyone is guilty of having a junk drawer and it is sometimes necessary, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be organized. Instead of having one junk drawer, dedicate a shelf with some clear  bins with labels. Being able to view what is inside the containers will make things easy to find. Inside these bins you can even do more by putting items such as batteries, screw drivers, etc within their own ziploc bags.

Re-fold clothes

This is truly a favorite. Instead of folding your shirts in a pile and stacking them in a drawer, fold them “Marie Kondo” style. This means you fold shirts into a neat little rectangle that stands upright. The great thing about this is that you can see all of your shirts at a glance without having to remove the stack while you save on space.

Travel bags

One of the best strategies is to “nest” these items. Place smaller suitcases inside your larger ones and place your duffel bags or smaller carry-on items inside the smallest suitcase. This keeps all travel items together while saving on space.

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